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Wet on Wet

light to dark

My evil is strong
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This Journal is Friends Mostly
The majority of my posts are "Friends Only" due to
mature content and my general shyness around people I don't know.

CLICK HERE for more information or to introduce yourself to me. I won't add you back unless you introduce yourself.

LOL... I love this gif. It's ridiculous but so very awesome. XD

I have participated in dgm_bigbang!

Some places you can find me:

art_up_lies. IT'S THE PLACE TO GO FOR THE ART WITHOUT THE PERSONAL JOJO STUFF, and you don't have to talk to me. Membership is moderated, but if you're 18+ you are guaranteed to be approved.


velvetarms - my writing journal.




PaperDemon Gallery

deviantART Gallery

Y!Gallery - Artwork featuring the male form. Login required.

MediaMiner FanArt - Just a few fan art pictures on a site that's mainly for writers. I have a couple of stories on there, too. Check my profile if you're interested.

My Battlestar Galactica mood theme is care of crackified.
My Mononoke Mood Theme is care of corydrane.
My layout is by milou_veronica (tiny icons by pinvoke)

clickety-click, Barba-trick!

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